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Morse code 11 linden in Hamster Kombat: cracking a new code

Soon all the players in Hamster Kombat will become pros in Morse code. It’s true that you didn’t know what this was before, but after stealing the virus from Telegram, you have mastered its principles. Morse code in Hamster Kombat is not only useful, but also brilliant. So, you have energy on tap, but otherwise, you are simply pushing on the screen and at the same time taking away the income. 1 million is not a little, especially since a daily deposit is not required. So don’t be lazy and continue running Morse code. Morse code in Hamster Kombat, as before, is active in line 11.

ContentMorse code in Hamster Kombat: what tapati code is 11 stickyTOP 10 games that are similar to Hamster KombatDevelopment of the Hamster Kombat gri-clicker

WomanEL reveals what secret word the students wished for today, and also tells you how to enter it yourself.

Morse code in Hamster Kombat: what tapati code 11 lipnya

At 22:00 Hamster Kombat's secret word is updated. We are here to regularly share the code we have created with you. From 10 pm 22:00 to 11 pm 22:00 in Morse code mode you need to select the word – Whale. Translated in dashes and dots, short and long taps:

W ● ▬ ▬ Short tap and 2 long taps

H ● ● ● ● 4 short taps

A ● ▬ 1 short tap and 1 long tap

L ● ▬ ● ● 1 short tap and 1 long tap, 2 short taps

E ● 1 short tap

How to activate Morse code? It's not difficult. We go to the Hamster Kombat bot-game, there you will see in the top menu that it says “Great cipher”. We click, we check the “red” ham, we press on the new one and knock out the letter of the word. It has become easier than ever to follow the combo timer with Morse code.

Table of letters and numbers and their translation for dashes and dots of Morse code, Dzherelo: womanEL

TOP 10 games similar to Hamster Kombat

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Development of the Hamster Kombat gri-clicker

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Are you stuck with combo cards? Then hurry up before this opportunity burns out until 15:00.

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