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Nadezhda in Dii: the application will receive an assistant based on artificial intelligence

Diya will have a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence (AI) named Nadezhda. For this they want to use a technological solution from one of the top international companies, writes WomanEL.

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As Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov said in a Telegram, the chatbot will help the contact center respond to requests and solve simple problems.

Its main advantages will be the speed of response and saving time and resources of the Dii support team,

noted Fedorov

So far, the quality of the AI ​​assistant’s answers is 80% satisfactory and there are problems with the speed of receiving them. According to the minister, they are working hard to resolve the issue. This will be a revolutionary technology not only for Ukraine, but also for governments around the world. During beta testing, it will be possible to train the assistant to respond to requests more efficiently.

The Ministry of Digital Development plans to continue active work to develop the legislative framework for artificial intelligence and its integration into the education system. Earlier, Dii began beta testing of the service for educational documents.

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