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Nadezhda Matveeva admitted why she doesn’t show her boyfriend

Ukrainian TV presenter Nadezhda Matveeva revealed the reasons for her decision not to publicly share details about her 20-year-younger loved one, writes WomanEL.

In a comment, the star revealed that her family and friends are independent individuals with the right to your own opinion and confidentiality. According to Matveeva, her partner does not want to be the subject of public discussion, and therefore she respects his decision to maintain personal space.

My loved ones are adults. And they have the right to want me to talk about them or vice versa. Otherwise, no. This is how you and I are communicating now, and then I will leave and start telling someone about you without your permission. People close to me say: is it possible to live peacefully and not discuss me? This is what I come out of: the lives of other people are not my property

said the presenter.

Nadezhda Matveeva decided to protect privacy of your loved ones. Source: instagram.com/nadezhda_matveeva_nadya

It is worth noting that Nadezhda Matveeva has been in a relationship with her younger partner for a long time. However, she chooses not to disclose his personal information or share details of their life together with the public. Only a few times did the celebrity show photographs with her beloved, but even in them he was visible only from the back.

By the way, Nadezhda Matveeva recently spoke about her second pregnancy and betrayal in a relationship.

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