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Nadya Dorofeeva spoke hysterically to fans

Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva amazed her fans with a frank, heartfelt story on her Instagram. According to the artist, although she can be cheerful and stylish at times, there are also moments of emotional complexity in her life when tears flow frantically, writes WomanEL.

Nadia does not intend to complain, but decided to share a photo in which she is depicted in tears. This became a kind of attempt to show your real, sometimes vulnerable side, abandoning the idea of ​​​​showing only the “light” yourself on social networks.

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Balance. He is needed in everything. In this photo I am bored, confused and traumatized. For some reason, for a long time I wanted to show you only the “light” me, in a good mood, relaxed, happy, in an ideal perspective. Probably, social networks impose this on all of us. But it's not about authenticity. I want you to at least sometimes see me like this here

, the celebrity said.

Nadya Dorofeeva frankly told about your emotions. Source: instagram.com/nadyadorofeeva

Network reaction:

  • Misha Katsurin: The most charming in any condition;
  • Maybe not? For we all see ourselves like this from time to time;
  • Thank you for the authenticity, this is important;
  • Always a beauty.

The joint support and frankness of Nadya Dorofeeva testify that the artist openly shares her feelings with fans and can count on the support of her loved one at different moments.

By the way, we recently told how Dorofeeva congratulated her husband’s daughter on her name day.

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