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Natalya Litvin gave birth to her first child and showed tender footage from the maternity hospital

Ukrainian millionaire blogger Natalia Litvin and her husband Alexander Kurovsky are pleased to announce a joyful event in their life – the birth of their son. The couple first became parents on February 18, when a little boy was born with a weight of 3450 grams and a height of 54 centimeters, writes WomanEL.

Natalie and Alexander shared this news with their fans on Instagram, where they published the first photos of their baby . In the black and white footage you can see the child's face. In the comments to the pictures, the happy parents wrote tender words.

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The most important meeting of our lives,

is indicated in the publication.

Despite the fact that their family is only that she has replenished, Natalya promises to share touching details about the birth of her son and her first experience of motherhood, as soon as she recovers from childbirth.

Natalya Litvin became a mother for the first time. Source:

Network reaction:

Now a young mother relaxing while deepening her bond with her young son. Fans of Natalia Litvin are already looking forward to when she will appear again with new emotional moments of her life and tell more details about the baby.

By the way, Alexander Ponomarev recently showed his teenage son for the first time in a long time.

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