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Nazi: Grimes got into a scandal

The beginning of the new year for the singer Grimes was not as joyful as she expected, reports WomanEL. The celebrity is known for her eccentricity and statements, and has become the object of sharp criticism on social networks.

The other day, Grimes liked Nazi memes, users of the social network Twitter (X) noticed this, and they were outraged.

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Subsequently, the artist spoke out about the scandal. In a tweet, she admitted her mistake, apologizing to those she offended by her action. However, instead of calming the situation, she chose not the best words that made the problem more global.

I am called a Nazi because I am passionate and proud of white culture. But every day I think fondly of the brown king Cyrus the Great, who founded history's first empire… What would happen if people just loved each other? History teaches us that we have all been and will always be great,

the singer wrote.

Then people were offended by the phrase “proud of white culture” and this served as a reason for a new wave of hate. In the controversy, Grimes was called a “white supremacist.” You can read more details in the comments of the star’s tweet.

Recall that Grimes previously filed a lawsuit against her ex-lover, inventor Elon Musk, for the reason here.

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