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New heights: Anna Trincher revealed her plans for 2024

22-year-old Ukrainian singer, actress and influencer Anna Trincher exclusively told WomanEL magazine about her family traditions of celebrating the New Year and what wish she will make during the chimes. Also, the famous artist did not hide her plans for 2024.

What New Year's traditions do you have? Perhaps some are passed down from generation to

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These traditions are most likely similar to those in other families. We decorate the Christmas tree and the house together, we fantasize about what to do differently this year, I like to go and buy new decorations.

Do you make wishes for the New Year, have they come true?

As a child, I made a wish that came true, I became an actress and singer. But I don’t think that this is a New Year’s miracle, because after all, it’s the result of my work, and despite everything I continue to make some wishes on New Year’s Eve, this gives me hope.

Anna Trincher. Source: WomanEL.

What will be your wish this year?

Like most Ukrainians — Ukraine's victory in the war. This is the most important thing now. I think that the collective desire also makes sense, so I will mentally support my country.

What are your plans for your career and personal life for 2024?

Plans — large-scale. I plan to devote the next year to creativity and self-development, as well as establishing connections with my personal self. I want to consolidate this feeling of self-respect and self-love; I am sure that this state will have a positive effect on my creativity.

What can you wish for the readers of WomanEL?

I would like to wish everyone to hear the announcement of our victory as soon as possible. I wish every family to wait for their loved ones to come home. We all wish a peaceful life, complete harmony in all areas. May each of you find inner peace and joy in the everyday joys of life.

Note that in 2023, Trincher achieved a lot: she became Nicholas for fans, recorded many songs and duets, created her own perfume, and vacationed in Zanzibar , and much more.

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