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New payments to pensioners in 2024: amount announced

Ukrainian pensioners who have crossed the 70-year mark can count on additional payments to their pensions. It was these allowances and their amounts that Victoria Polyakovskaya spoke about during the broadcast of the “United News” telethon, writes WomanEL.

According to the data provided, the amount of additional payments depends on the age of the pensioner. So, here are the amounts Ukrainian citizens can expect in 2024:

  • Pensioners who have reached the age of 70 receive an additional payment of 300 hryvnia.
  • People from 75 to 80 years can count on an additional 456 hryvnia.
  • Pensioners who have passed the 80-year mark receive the largest increase – 579 hryvnia.

Additional payments to Ukrainian pensioners: what amounts are expected in 2024? Source: pon.org.ua

Equally important is the information that these additional payments are made automatically and are a monthly supplement to the basic pension. This means that retirees do not have to apply for these funds in person.

It is important to note, however, that there are restrictions on receiving additional payments. If the total pension exceeds UAH 10,340.35, then additional payment to the pension after 70, 75 and 80 years may not be provided.

We would like to remind you that information on the pension supplement is prepared in advance of the payment period, that is, between 4th and 25th of each month. Thus, Ukrainian pensioners can be sure that their additional payments are taken into account and provided in a timely and automatic manner.

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