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Nikolaevsky Vanek comes out of the shadows: what secrets were revealed by the first public interview

War creates its heroes on all fronts. The information front is no exception, and one of the heroes of our time is the author of the popular Telegram channel “Nikolaevsky Vanek,” says WomanEL.

ContentAbout authorship and popularityAbout styleAbout fakesAbout the closure of millions of fees at VSUO in the future Nikolaevsky Vanek. Source: Instagram

As ELLE writes, the style of the channel, which has gained more than 2 million subscribers at an insane pace, is well recognizable: individual phrases have been divided into quotes and managed to become memes. In his first public interview with ELLE.UA, the author did not reveal his name, but spoke about the authorship and popularity of the channel, the fight against fakes, training for the military and plans for the future. He also wished Ukrainians patience and fortitude.

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About authorship and popularity

There are many versions about the authorship of the channel, from incredible and funny to simply meaningless. Vanek himself does not read these versions, and in general he is somehow indifferent to what is there.

Only 15 people know the real information, mostly “ colleagues.” They also work for the result themselves, they don’t care about everything else,

shares the anonymous author.

According to the Telegram star, you need to ask people about the insane popularity. Perhaps this is all due to the fact that the channel is diverse and the content on it changes from time to time, it all depends on a lot of factors related to the “main work”. Some things you want to highlight, some things you can’t highlight, some things need to be highlighted. People trust because they obviously understand that no one is going to let them down.

Here I mean information about both shelling and any other intelligence information that may pass through the channel. We have been cooperating with some sources from the temporarily occupied territories for almost two years, and we are cooperating very successfully, says Nikolaevsky Vanek.

Nikolayevsky Vanek comes out of the shadows… Source: Instagram More endurance and patience. Source: Telegram

About style

Regarding the bright lexical style, branded addresses to residents of different cities of Ukraine are especially popular: Kievchata, Dnepryat, Sumchata and others. Also the phrase «write and sleep» became an unofficial signal for the cancellation of air raid warnings.

The style is free and it all depends on the mood. Lately, due to a lot of fatigue and demotivation, it’s been harder to hold the bar, but for now we’re holding on. And then we’ll see what “style we’ll choose,”

says our anonymous hero.

About fakes

Vanek prevents the spread of fakes very simply – he practically does not read open sources of information. It’s easier for him to make a mistake himself than to relay what is written en masse.

We turn on the regulator within ourselves, relying exclusively on some of our sources that have not been verified only time, but also reliability, that’s how we work,

the probable author of the channel is recognized.

Principled position. Source: Telegram

About the closure of millions of fees for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Telegram channel “Nikolaevsky Vanek” very quickly closes millions of hryvnia fees. According to the author of the channel, as of January 1, 2024, subscribers had collected 87 million hryvnia for various departments. People write daily, usually 50 messages per day, but more often the number of messages reaches 200-300 per day. There is no way to help everyone.

You need to understand that we have corruption on a large scale in the army. The collection is checked very carefully both through the unit and through the brigade commanders. This usually takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. All funds then 100% go for their intended purpose, and not into someone’s pocket. This is a principled position, and it will not change,

the blogger notes.

About the future

According to the anonymous hero, we are paying a very high price, but we will pay more big if we give in weakness. “Vanek” does not think that the channel will exist after the war, at least there are no such plans. The channel will probably disappear as suddenly as it appeared, but it is still unclear how and when this war will end. Therefore, there are no opinions about the future format yet.

In fact, I would like to wish more endurance and patience, which we all may lack lately due to… for wars, due to hostilities, personal tragedies, etc. Let's keep the line!,

Nikolaevsky Vanek.

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