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Nina Matvienko's famous ring at auction: everyone can win

The host of the “Closer to the Stars” project, Natalie Solonik, reported that the famous singer Tonya Matvienko joined the charity event, putting up for auction a precious ring that once belonged to her mother, the late Nina Mitrofanovna, writes WomanEL.

According to Solonik, the initiative arose after a charity event that the TET TV channel held together with the project on New Year’s Eve. The hosts of “Closer to the Stars” decided to continue this noble cause and raise funds for the purchase of FPV drones to support the Ukrainian military fighting in the southern direction.

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Numerous lots have already been presented at the auction, but one of the most interesting was the contribution of Toni Matvienko – her mother’s silver ring, which the performer decided to donate to a good cause. According to Matvienko, this valuable accessory was especially dear to her, and she hopes that its sale will help Ukrainian defenders.

Matvienko’s silver ring becomes a symbol of support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces at a charity auction. Source: instagram.com/tonya_matvienko

This ring is very expensive for me. I hope it will benefit defenders and advocates. I will be very happy about this, and I know that mom will be too. Mom would be happy if this ring brought benefit to Ukraine. Glory to the Ukrainian Armed Forces! Glory to Ukraine,

said the artist.

Those who wish to purchase this unique item can make a contribution by donating an amount of 100 hryvnia to raise funds for the purchase of drones, which will become important tools for the Ukrainian military. The auction will last over the next weeks, and all the money raised will be given to the needs of the army defending the independence of Ukraine.

By the way, Nina Matvienko’s last words recently became known.

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