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NK and Descemer Bueno presented a duet song and a video for it

The song “Con Amor Se Cura” brought together Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskikh (NK) and Descemer Bueno, a Cuban artist, music producer and popular author, into a duet, writes WomanEL.

NK and Descemer Bueno presented a duet song. Source: Instagram

Descemer Bueno has several Latin Grammy statuettes, world-famous original singles and joint duets with Enrique Iglesias. Also, his songs created for Enrique, Blacked Eyed Peace and other world stars of the Latin American scene became super hits.

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Although Descemer Bueno and I from different parts of the world, we were united by creativity and love for music. Our song is about the ability to love – about what unites us all, no matter where we are from,

Kamensky noted.

According to the singer, Ukrainians know better than anyone what pain and suffering are, how terrible such a phenomenon as war is. But Ukrainians are also a strong nation, which, even in such terrible conditions, has retained its ability to love, to feel bright and kind feelings.

The song is written in Spanish, but there are several lines in Ukrainian that only love treats. The video included shots from the family archive of the Ukrainian football player Alexander Zinchenko, Ukrainian leading Grigory Reshetnik and Timur Miroshnichenko, Ukrainian singers Gaitana and Alena Omargalieva.

Only love heals… Source: Instagram

The culmination of the video was the creation of a symbol of love and creativity – a picture that Nastya and Dessemer painted in the studio, depicting a big heart and musical notes. Ukrainian children from the city of Irpen, who lost their homes and live in a modular town, added their drawings.

Previously, NK released a live album of 14 Ukrainian-language tracks.

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