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Nude Cara Delevingne against the backdrop of garbage: why did the supermodel pose in a landfill

31-year-old British supermodel Cara Delevingne became the face of the promotional company for Stella McCartney's most environmentally friendly collection. For the campaign, a naked Kara posed in a landfill, holding a bag made of recycled plastic, says WomanEL.

As the Daily Mail writes, the environmental photo shoot took place at the Veolia recycling center in London. Kara is no stranger to environmental collaboration. She is pitching Vattenfall to promote a facial spray made from industrial waste. The model also promised to give up meat and no longer use plastic bottles.

Nude Cara Delevingne against the background of garbage. Source: Instagram

The Stella McCartney brand has long used recycled materials in its work, and the designer herself advocates waste reduction. Stella McCartney noted that 92 million tons of clothing waste are generated annually. And every second a truckload is sent to landfills or incinerators, more than 90% of this waste can be reused or recycled.

My collection is made from 95% environmentally friendly materials. clean and recycled materials. This is my most environmentally friendly line to date, Stella shared.

In this way, McCartney tried to show the beauty that can be found in waste and highlight the need for a more environmentally friendly future.

Previously we wrote that Cara Delevingne was left without a home.

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