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Olya Polyakova's daughter appeared pregnant

18-year-old Masha Polyakova, the eldest daughter of the famous Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova, is becoming the object of attention, showing her creativity and sensuality on social networks. This time she showed off her rounded “pregnant” belly, causing a wave of admiration and discussion among her followers, writes WomanEL.

Recently, Masha’s active presence on the networks and her creative approach to life make her an integral part of the show. business. She is followed by hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram and TikTok, where she shares entertaining videos and personal moments.

How 90-year-old Joan Collins maintained her beauty without plastic surgeryVoting for the jury for the National Selection of Eurovision 2024: who is in the lead Masha Polyakova plays the role of a future mother. Source: tiktok.com/mashapolyakova1

Masha recently amazed the world by publishing a video in which she tried on a pregnant belly using a special effect. This unconventional step aroused admiration and discussion, emphasizing her willingness to experiment.

It is worth noting that in fact Masha is in no hurry to get married or have children. She focuses on her career, dreaming of recognition as a singer and musician. After leaving school, she went to study music internationally, enrolling at the University of London, but then left. Her mother Olya Polyakova supports her in these plans and believes that family joys will come in due time.

By the way, Olya Polyakova recently showed a luxurious vacation in Africa with her daughter

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