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On the day of the attack, Vlad Yama, who was in the USA, spoke about his psychological state

Today, December 29, the day of a massive missile attack by Russian military forces on Ukraine, the famous choreographer Vlad Yama came under criticism because of his unexpected behavior. On his Instagram page, he published a video of a candle burning, signing it with incomprehensible words, writes WomanEL.

Friends, everything is fine with me,

The fascinating world of New Year's traditions with MASHA DANILOVA: fur coat, mimosa and large-scale plans Sydney Sweeney in the romantic comedy “Love to Hate You”: watch the Ukrainian trailer, the celebrity said.

This one, According to users, the cynical act struck many of his subscribers, especially given the difficult events in Ukraine. It is worth noting that at the beginning of a full-scale war, Vlad Yama and his family left the country and moved to the United States. However, the actions of the choreographer caused a wave of misunderstanding, leading to theories and questions about his attitude to the situation in his native land.

Vlad Yama in the center of criticism: an unexpected post on Instagram during a missile attack on Ukraine angered his fans. Source: instagram.com/vladyama_official

Recall that today Russia carried out a massive missile attack on Ukraine, as a result of which more than 110 missiles were fired. Currently, 12 dead and 75 injured are known. We have previously talked about the consequences of the devastating attack.

Staying away from important news, Vlad Yama previously demonstrated his happiness by celebrating the birthday of his son Leon in America with his wife, ignoring the important events that are taking place in Ukraine . Fans ask the dancer to at least occasionally highlight the war.

The situation in the country remains tense and it is important that public figures express support and sympathy, given the difficult circumstances facing the Ukrainian people.

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