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Presidential restrictions: why Zelensky gave up sweets

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky led an active lifestyle before the full-scale invasion. He is still trying to look after himself and has his own presidential restrictions, writes WomanEL.

Presidential restrictions of Vladimir Zelensky. Source: Instagram

In an interview with the German TV channel ARD, Zelensky said that he plays sports and limits himself to sweets.

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I try to take care of myself, do a little exercise, exercise. Therefore, cake is not for every age, let’s say. “This age has already passed when you can afford a lot of sweets,” he admitted. – I try very hard to set aside 40 minutes for any movements, I’ll be honest. I don’t have the opportunity to just walk,

the President of Ukraine shared.

Also, according to Vladimir Zelensky, he has a set of exercises that can be performed anywhere.

Even here I can do it. That is, where you do it doesn't matter. Only one thing matters – to overcome laziness in the morning or late at night, when you return from one office to another office. Or very early in the morning before a shower,

Zelensky noted.

We wish the Ukrainian president health and endurance, as well as the latest example… We previously wrote why the president forbade congratulating him on his birthday.

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