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Pritula’s Fund is among the leaders: how much did Ukrainians donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2023

In 2023, donations from Ukrainians to the largest funds decreased by almost half compared to the period when the full-scale invasion began. Among the leaders: United 24, “Come Back Alive” and “Prytula Foundation,” writes WomanEL.

Prytula Foundation is among the leaders. Source: Opendatabot

According to the open data platform Opendatabot, the total amount of contributions last year amounted to UAH 18.75 billion. In 2022, the amount of donations reached a record 34.38 billion UAH. Of these, 2/3 were collected in the first six months – 24 billion UAH.

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United 24 became the leader among charitable organizations in terms of fundraising in 2023. The fund managed to attract almost 2/3 of the total amount — 12.07 billion UAH. The peak of donations occurred in December last year – UAH 3.55 billion or 29%. This is a record amount for a month after the foundation began its existence.

Donations increased in the second half of the year… Source: Opendatabot

The “Come Back Alive” fund for December 2023 collected 20% of all savings for the year – UAH 0.9 billion. The fund's share of all donations collected together with colleagues is 24% – UAH 4.53 billion.

The Pritula Fund in 2023 will account for 11% of the total amount raised or UAH 2.14 billion. In this case, the peak of collections occurred in October — 0.31 billion UAH.

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