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Ramina Eshakzai plans to adopt a baby

Ukrainian journalist and public figure Ramina Eskhakzai has become the subject of discussion by announcing her desire to adopt a child. She made this decision by explaining that she did not intend to have children of her own and believing that all children have equal rights and opportunities, regardless of their background, writes WomanEL.

According to Eskhakzai, her dream of adopting a child should out of a deep conviction that living and raising together can be a great gift for herself and for the child. She expressed a desire to accept a child aged 5-6 years into her family, promising to provide him with all the love, care and support he needs.

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Despite the possible difficulties associated with adoption, Ramina is confident that she is able to openly and empathetically support the child on the path of adaptation and successful integration into the new family. She emphasized that she is ready to become not only a mother for the baby, but also a friend, mentor and support.

Ramina Eshakzai is ready to take adopted child into your family. Source: instagram.com/raminalalala

I don’t want to have my own children. I don't think my genes are better than other genes. All children are the same, plus or minus,

the celebrity said.

In addition, Ramina does not exclude the possibility of building a relationship with a man who already has children, but she definitely does not want to give birth. Her own experience as an older sister gave her confidence in her ability to provide her child with a happy childhood and harmonious development.

Realizing all the responsibility, Ramina Eskhakzai expresses her readiness for a new stage of life, full of love and mutual understanding.

< p>By the way, Ramina Eshakzai recently admitted for the first time why she canceled the wedding and broke up.

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