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Ramina Eskhakzai admitted for the first time why she canceled the wedding and broke up

Ukrainian presenter and blogger Ramina Eshakzai revealed the details of her breakup with her fiancé Evgeniy Pronin. The couple, who had been together for five years, admitted to breaking up in April last year, writes WomanEL.

According to a blogger on the “30+” project, the main reason for their breakup was a misunderstanding that they experienced throughout all relationships. Ramina shared the impression that “something was always wrong.” In particular, she pointed to scandals during the holidays and a constant feeling of loneliness.

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In an interview, the star noted that she often felt the desire to spend time alone with her beloved, but he constantly expressed a desire to be in the company of friends. This led to resentment as Ramina felt a need for personal and intimate time that she could not find in their life together.

Ramina Eskhakzai reveals an important stage in her life, naming the reason for the breakup with her beloved. Source: instagram.com/raminalalala

When we were going on vacation, I thought that we were going together, and he was like: “I called my friends.” Then we go to a restaurant – the same thing. I understand that you love your friends, but I want to be alone with you. I was lonely, even in a relationship. Last New Year, I just cried because I wanted to spend this time at home, and he wanted to meet with another couple. We weren't fighting, we were just unhappy. I saw that he was fading away, I was fading away, why be together?

the celebrity shared.

The breakup between Ramina and Evgeniy occurred without scandals. The blogger emphasized that their couple was rejected. At one point, she realized that love had already left them, so the continuation of the relationship was unfounded.

By the way, Ramina Eskhakzai recently showed off her figure after losing 10 kg.

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