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Ramina Eskhakzai suffers from bulimia

Ramina Eskhakzai openly admitted in her blog about her struggle with bulimia and an eating disorder. This caused a shock among her fans, as they had previously only seen her as a successful and energetic person, writes WomanEL.

According to Eskhakzai, opening up about her struggle with bulimia is a step towards removing the stigma surrounding the condition. She spoke about how losing weight and striving for a perfect figure leads to negative consequences for her physical and mental health.

Sick Ksenia Mishina showed off her luxury housingUkrainian at Miss World showed a gentle patriotic image: showing off her figure Ramina Eskhakzai revealed the truth about her weight and struggle with bulimia. Source:

When I lost weight, I weighed 52-53 kilos, now I weigh 55-56. My bulimia and eating disorder (ED) became more active. That's why you don't see me playing sports. Very tired and stressed, constant anxiety. I started working with a psychotherapist specializing in RCP. This is the only thing that confuses and exhausts me, Ramina admitted.

The blogger also talked about her decision to seek help from a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. She is sure that this is the only way to cure and get rid of this serious condition.

Ramina Eskhakzai revealed the truth about her weight and the fight against bulimia. Source:

She also urged her subscribers to be attentive to their health and seek help if necessary. Ramina plans to openly share her struggle, hoping that it will inspire others to take steps to restore their health and well-being.

By the way, it recently became known that Ramina Eskhakzai plans to adopt a baby.

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