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Re-read when it’s hard: 20 life tips from Max Fry

Quotes from Max Fry's books are called a genuine literary antidepressant and a fighter against everyday life. In case everything goes wrong, re-read 20 practical life tips with WomanEL.

Content< i class="rbi rbi-angle-down">Wow, how interesting…Everything will be within your reach…As long as a person is alive, nothing is missing

In in the end, if you don’t allow yourself to be abnormal sometimes, life will get rid of a good half of the pleasures…

You should immediately fulfill your ridiculous desire… Source: pinterest.com

Wow, how interesting…

I have a usual rule: if you stop liking what’s happening, you have to go immediately…

“You should invent good omens yourself. Whoever you meet is your success. Let's write it down like that. And we will remember. And we will live the day accordingly…”

“You should immediately fulfill your ridiculous desire, so as not to threaten its fulfillment for the rest of your life…”

I would like to teach you instead of: “Oh, how bad everything is!” – think: “Wow, how interesting!” But such an attitude towards life comes only with experience…

Pretend that everything is fine with you… Source: pinterest.com

Everything will be within your reach…

“If you pretend for a very long time that you are not afraid of anything, courage can become a useful habit , something like the manner of sleeping with an open window or taking a contrast shower…”

The main thing is to talk less. And then the interlocutor himself will come up with a way to rationally explain everything to himself. At least I haven't met anyone yet who couldn't cope. People are very talented. Very…

“You should not ask questions, the answer to which has long been known – if not to your helpless mind, then to your wise heart…”

“Pretend that everything is fine with you. You will be surprised when you realize how effective this method is. Once you manage to deceive yourself, you will be able to handle everything in the world…”

“You can’t reveal secrets, you can’t talk about the most important things out loud. Especially adults (i.e. strangers). Otherwise, that’s it, there’s no secret, it’s dead, dissolved.

You should love the path, not the future destination, whatever it may be…

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“Today is a good opportunity to break the bank, for each of his own. Because every person is an ocean, and it’s pointless to sincerely consider yourself a puddle all your life, even the deepest one in the neighborhood…”

You need to love and praise yourself. You can’t entrust such an important task to strangers!

“After a night of thinking, you just need to do a couple of stupid things – just so as not to imagine yourself as a great thinker…”

< p>“In order to comprehend the true meaning of the misfortune that happened, one must move a certain distance from it. And if you don’t completely stop suffering, then at least don’t consider suffering the main thing in your life…”

Re-read, when it's hard… Source: pinterest.com

As long as a person is alive, nothing is missing

You need to go where you want, and not where you need to. Leave, go and not be afraid of anything…

“To get a chance at immortality, you need to give up hope for it… In general, from any hope. Despair is an amazing key to power, not even a key, but a master key that can open almost any lock… And usually it is the only key available to a person!…”

Some chances are better missed. In order not to lose everyone else…

“One of two things: either you can’t change anything – and then it’s useless to worry, – or you can – in which case it’s worth getting down to business, and not waste your strength on worry and anger…”

“As long as a person is alive, nothing is lost. There is always a way out of any situation, and not just one, but several – and who are you to be the first human being in the Universe to find yourself in a hopeless situation?…”

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