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ROXOLANA will give the people of Kiev a very warm solo album: when will the concert take place?

Ukrainian singer and songwriter ROXOLANA will play her first solo concert with the symbolic title “Very Warm Solo Concert” in the capital of Ukraine, writes WomanEL. The artist will perform her most popular hits, sing new songs and surprise with several surprises, one of which will be the participation of celebrity guests in the concert.

According to the singer, over the past year, subscribers on social networks and listeners at concerts have constantly asked, when and where can we hear more songs? When will you have the opportunity to go to a solo concert? The artist and her team constantly rejected this idea, because it seemed that it was still not the time.

ROXOLANA will give the people of Kiev very warm solo album. Source: Instagram

This winter we were all in a slightly depressed mood, and I wanted to do something bright and warm for people, I wanted not just to hold a concert, but to exchange emotions , light and hope,


In order to draw attention to the problem of restoring those affected by the war, the star invited Alexander Teren to take part in the concert. Alexander — military man, writer, winner of “Igor of the Invictus” and author of the show “Legs Off”. He lost both legs as a result of severe wounds at the front in August 2022.

MONATIK and the group KAZKA will also be special guests. The artist plans to donate part of the proceeds from ticket sales to the rehabilitation of wounded military personnel. The solo concert will take place on April 25 at the Bel Etage Music Hall.

ROXOLANA previously covered the famous hit of the 90s.

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