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Royal Photoshop: why the world's news agencies are massively deleting Kate Middleton's photos

The resonant photograph of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton with her children actually turned out to be edited. Royal Photoshop was recognized in a statement made on behalf of Prince William's wife in the palace's Insta story, writes WomanEL.

Like many amateur photographers, I sometimes experiment with editing. I wanted to apologize for the misunderstanding caused by the family photo we shared yesterday. I hope everyone celebrating had a happy Mother's Day. K.,

says the statement.

Statement by Kate Middleton. Source: Instagram

The photo of Kate Middleton taken by Prince William began to be removed en masse from their libraries by leading photo agencies and news agencies, suspecting that certain manipulations had been carried out with it. The photo was removed from the photo database of Getty, Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Shutterstock and Reuters.

In the new photo, the 42-year-old princess appeared with her three children, Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte. Royal correspondent Peter Gant noted that this is damaging to the royal family.

Royal Photoshop. Source: Instagram

According to Gant, any published photo of Keith will generate a lot of interest. The problem is that people will now be asking themselves whether the Palace can be trusted the next time they release an update on the Princess's health.

We previously shared details about Kate Middleton's hospitalized health to the hospital.

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