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Santa Dimopoulos officially divorced her lover

The popular Ukrainian singer Santa Dimopoulos decided to share an important decision with her fans. After 11 years of marriage, she and her husband Igor Kucherenko are getting divorced. The artist emphasized that the separation occurred in a friendly atmosphere, and they maintain deep respect for each other, writes WomanEL.

In her announcement posted on social networks, Santa Dimopoulos noted that this decision was conscious and long thought out. She also expressed gratitude to her ex-husband for his endless love and support throughout their marriage. Despite the divorce, both remain friends and continue raising their daughter Sophia.

The end… is just a new beginning. Our wonderful story of 11 years of marriage has come to an end. No drama, no fuss, no hard feelings. I am grateful for an incredible daughter, unconditional love. This will forever be of great value to me. I have no doubt that everything is for the better. We remain family, parents and true friends. Unfortunately, despite the devotion and love we have for each other, we were unable to maintain the opportunity to move forward together,

the artist said in her announcement.

Singer Santa Dimopoulos and Igor Kucherenko are getting divorced. Source: instagram.com/santadimopulos

Santa Dimopulos also emphasized that, despite the difficulty of this period, she will do everything possible to make the transition for their child as painless as possible. Her main goal is to provide the girl with a happy childhood and well-being. The star also noted that she decided to share this news with her fans, since this is the most important stage in their lives. The artist added that she did not immediately decide to talk about it publicly.

Network reaction:

  • Everything will be fine;
  • You are such a great woman, a strong woman;
  • You are starting a new life very beautifully.

The divorce of Santa Dimopoulos and Igor Kucherenko came as a big shock to many, since they had been together for many years. This couple raised a common daughter, and also supported each other in their personal and professional lives.

By the way, Santa Dimopoulos recently showed how she makes facial injections.

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