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Santa Dimopoulos showed how she makes facial injections

On her Instagram page, Ukrainian singer Santa Dimopoulos surprised fans by showing detailed photographs of the beauty injection procedures she performs for facial care. The pictures show how the cosmetologist focuses his attention on the details, carefully injecting a special preparation into the skin under Santa’s eyes, writes WomanEL.

The facial injections that the singer chooses are aimed at combating puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, which are common problems for many. In her post, Santa spoke in more detail about the drug. And despite the fact that the procedure can be somewhat painful, the artist’s choice falls on qualified specialists who care about comfort when performing injections. The photo illustrates the entire process of introducing active ingredients.

Santa Dimopoulos shares the intimate details of her skin care routine. Source: instagram.com/santadimopulos

I inject a drug (with polynucleotide) for swelling and dark circles under the eyes. In competent hands the procedure is quite tolerable. Thanks to the doctor for his light hand… And biorevitalization of hair is a cocktail of active ingredients that enhance hair growth, improve structure and stop hair loss, said Santa.

In addition to beauty injections for the face, the performer also shared her experience in hair biorevitalization. According to the celebrity herself, these procedures have become an important part of self-care for her, and she recommends them to everyone who wants to emphasize their beauty. By the way, it recently became known that Santa Dimopoulos is undergoing surgery for diastasis.

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