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Silence in the center of the capital: what’s interesting about the new subscription bookstore

An original bookstore “Silence” was opened on the Golden Gate in Kyiv. Here books are not sold, but rented by subscription, says WomanEL.

Silence in the center of the capital… Source: Instagram < p>According to founder Lada Atamanchuk-Angel, the new bookstore is like Netflix, only with books. The range ranges from fairy tales about Trukhan Island to the adventures of Doctor Who.

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“Silence” – your bookstore for subscription. You can rent any book and read in Silence or take it with you. We don't sell books. “For the most part, we are for fiction, although we do not shy away from biographies of Monet and Manet,” Lada said.

About 1,500 books of different genres are available in the bookstore. Subscription cost is 500 hryvnia per month. If you don't find the book you want to read here, you can leave a sticker with your wish on the mirror in one of the rooms.

“Silence” is your bookstore for subscription. Source: Instagram

When entering the premises, guests are asked to change their shoes into slippers. The idea arose from Lada’s personal experience. As a child, library workers used to quarrel with her for walking around “washed.”

Instead of coffee, the bookstore offers visitors tea, so as not to disturb the silence with the noise from the coffee machine. The establishment also has a fireplace, a piano and vinyl records.

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