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Smart ring from Samsung: how a new gadget will improve your well-being

The smart ring of the South Korean company Samsung Electronics Galaxy Ring was presented at the Mobile World Conference 2024 exhibition, writes WomanEL.

Smart ring from Samsung Electronics Galaxy Ring. Source: Instagram

As noted in Engadget, the Galaxy Ring was presented in three colors, platinum-silver, gold and black, and nine sizes. The inner surface will rotate around the user's finger to measure detailed health data. The company will also collect data from Natural Cycles, which already tracks your menstrual cycle and ovulation through the Galaxy Watch.

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The model will be comfortable while sleeping. Potential integration with Samsung's broader health tech ecosystem positions the Galaxy Ring as a significant addition to the future of personal health devices.

Powerful and an affordable health device… Source: Instagram

For now, the Galaxy Ring will only be compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones, although the company plans to integrate it with other Android devices later.

Samsung previously had a chance to beat Apple with using AI.

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