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The daub of Sonya Morozyuk and her murals were banned

Ukrainian “artist of meanings” Sonya Morozyuk created several murals on buildings in the capital. But the murals did not generate many positive reactions even before the corruption scandal, and even less so now. So the city is cracking down on the artist’s drawings, and also closed her project “Masnya,” writes WomanEL.

Sonya Morozyuk and her “Mauve”. Source: Instagram

Morozyuk has recently been discussed not in the context of artistic practice, but through connections with Roman Grinkevich. The Institute of Contemporary Art of the NAM of Ukraine announced the closure of Sonya Morozyuk’s exhibition project “Maznya”.

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This happened due to a significant number of contradictory reactions that went beyond the scope of art criticism,

noted in the institution.

The murals of the scandalous artist, in particular the one located on the architectural monument, are being sketched by order of the Podolsk regional administration. The buildings restore its authentic appearance. Morozyuk created the mural in 2023 in collaboration with the Voice of the Country project.

Cultural massacre in Kiev… Source: Instagram Cultural massacre in Kiev… Source: Instagram

Another mural with the inscription “What’s cooler than a family of 44 million?”, located on the street Mechnikov, doused with red paint and added the caption “Corruption = defeat” at the bottom. It is based on a painting by the artist, sold at a charity auction. The mural was created in March 2023 precisely for the funds received – 250 thousand hryvnia.

Earlier, Sonya Morozyuk announced the severance of relations with the corrupt official Grinkevich.

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