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The famous actress told how she prepares for death

52-year-old American actress Shannen Doherty does not give up even with the fourth stage of breast cancer, reports WomanEL. Despite the difficult situation, the celebrity continues to fight, undergoing chemotherapy and taking the necessary medications. Doctors' forecasts are disappointing, because metastases have already affected Shannen's brain and bones, unfortunately.

The star of “Charmed” and “Beverly Hills” decided to sell off her personal belongings, including furniture and antiques. This is an opportunity for her to provide herself and her family with financial support for some time, and also not to cause unnecessary trouble for her family with things when she is gone.

Main My priority is my mother. I know it will be hard for her if I die before her. I want it to be easier in other ways – I don’t have to solve any problems or clear out old stuff. What will she do with four storage rooms filled with furniture?

Dougherty told her on her podcast “Let’s Be Clear.”

Shannen is with her mom. Photo: Instagram

Shannen admitted that it is difficult for her to say goodbye to her antiques, which she has collected for decades.

In addition, the actress added that she plans to go on a trip with her mother with the proceeds.

Recall that in 2015, Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2016, the movie star underwent a mastectomy, then chemotherapy, and then began radiotherapy. After a course of treatment in 2017, it was time for remission. However, life brought new challenges, the disease returned in 2020 again and now it is at stage 4.

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