• 12/07/2024 10:21

The famous couple of Ukrainian show business officially divorced

22-year-old Ukrainian singer Anna Trincher and 26-year-old blogger Alexander Voloshin have officially divorced, the singer herself announced this on Instagram. The lovers have been married for more than a year, reports WomanEL.

Well, you can almost officially congratulate me,

Where did Evgenia Vlasova disappear and what is the singer doing now TAB presents a fresh track about the passionate desire to succeed, written by the performer.

The judge reviewed the application and accepted it. But by law, ex-spouses must wait 30 days before the judgment takes effect. In addition, to avoid possible misunderstandings, lawyers will have to check all documents for errors. If any are discovered, the lawyers will again go to court to correct them.

Recall that the divorce of Trincher and Voloshin became was revealed last November, which came as a shock to their fans. As the ex-lovers said, one of the main reasons for the dissolution of the relationship was the loss of feelings.

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