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The fascinating world of New Year's traditions with MASHA DANILOVA: fur coat, mimosa and large-scale plans

Each family has its own special traditions for the New Year holidays. This is what gives a good mood and creates an atmosphere. Ukrainian 16-year-old singer Masha Danilova shared her family customs with WomanEL and talked about her plans for 2024, and it is worth noting that her plans are ambitious.

What New Year traditions do you have in your family? Perhaps some are passed on from generation to generation?

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We gather in the family circle, sometimes friends come to us. Then together we begin to prepare for the New Year, set the table, talk, joke. We really love
buying new decor and dishes for the table. This year we bought ourselves some beautiful glasses,
New Year's plates. Traditionally, there is fur coat, mimosa, some other salads, and snacks. We prepare this only for the New Year so that these dishes retain their special meaning. In the background is always
«New Year's Quarter» or other New Year's programs. Each of us makes a wish during the chiming clock and after the 12th night we exchange gifts.

Do you make wishes for the New Year, have they come true?

Of course I make a wish for the New Year. This is a special ritual for me. It seems to me.
it seems that it is very important to believe that it can come true. I think that all the wishes that I made came true.


What will be the wish this year?

This year, as in the past, of course, there will be one wish for the whole country — victory
of Ukraine and the end of the war. I always have many dreams, but now I want most of all
a calm and peaceful life for every Ukrainian. I want to plan for the future and not
be afraid and just enjoy life.

What are your plans in your career and personal life for 2024?

I have many plans for 2024, I hope I can accomplish them all. I really want to release even more cool songs, shoot videos, and delight my listeners with high-quality music. My main goal for next year — do a cool, large-scale collaboration with some artist. I want this fit to be special. And in my personal life, my personal life, of course, finish school.

What can you wish for the readers of WomanEL?

In the new year I wish everyone strength, inspiration, and patience. Spend time with your loved ones, hug them and tell them how much you love them. Make all your dreams and desires come true, always believe in the best. Of course, we wish all of us victory, happiness and all the best.

We would like to remind you that MASHA recently presented a new track where it emotionally supported women.

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