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The group “Crash Test” released a driving song about the relationship between two girls

In the world of music, there was an explosion of emotions again, because the popular Sumy group “Crash Test” released a fresh track, which is already gaining popularity and recognition. The new composition, entitled “You Loved a Girl,” amazed listeners not only with its defiant pop-punk sound, but also with the important topic it covers, writes WomanEL.

The song is marked by a rejection of the humorous elements usually associated with the group. This time the artists decided to address a serious topic – awareness of the romantic feelings of one girl for another. The lyrics of the song reveal the story of a difficult love choice and the importance of accepting yourself for who you are.

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In the world of “You fell in love with a girl” there is no place for condemnation and prohibitions. Parents, society and others cannot interfere with this relationship, since the main idea of ​​the track is that you cannot be what you are not. Love, sung in the song, is defined as healing from years of suffering and self-searching, left scars on the wrists.

Pop punk the group Crash Test reveals a brave and important love story in their new track You fell in love with a girl. Source:

The text of the composition tells about the internal conflict of the heroine, who boldly chooses her path in love with another girl, ignoring social stereotypes. The song encourages you to accept yourself and your feelings, even if it goes beyond generally accepted norms.

“You fell in love with a girl” is not only a musical hit, but also the voice of a diverse and open love that deserves recognition and respect.< /p>

By the way, yesterday we told you that the lead singer of the group ADAM began a solo career.

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