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The most beautiful words of the Ukrainian language have become known

Artificial intelligence announced the results of its analysis, which revealed the most beautiful words in the Ukrainian language. By studying the textual data, he determined that emotions and symbolism were particularly prominent among them, writes WomanEL.

According to a message published on the Telegraf portal, the artificial intelligence Google Gemini has drawn attention to words that are striking in their beauty and emotionality. Among these words, “dyakuyu”, “kohannya” and “nadiya” stand out. “Dyakuyu” is an expression of sincere gratitude, “kohannya” is known for its perceived limitlessness, while “nadiya” demonstrates faith in the future and the strength to overcome difficulties. The list also includes “Ukraine”, “viburnum”, “svoboda” and “vyshivanka”.

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In turn, the artificial intelligence “” prefers the word “will”, which symbolizes fortitude and desire for freedom. This word reflects the centuries-old struggle of the Ukrainian people for liberation and self-determination.

AI discovered the top most beautiful words in Ukrainian that attract beauty and depth. Source:

Meanwhile, other artificial intelligence systems, such as ChatGPT and Copilot, preferred words that have aesthetic and symbolic meaning. “Zorepad” amazes with its beauty and mystery of the night sky, while “Svitanok” symbolizes the beginning of a new day and new opportunities.

This analysis demonstrates how artificial intelligence can understand and appreciate not only language, but also emotional content and signs, which leads to the identification of the most beautiful words of the Ukrainian language.

By the way, recently at Miss World a Ukrainian woman wore a dress based on Lesya Ukrainka.

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