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The most in-demand skill in 2024: how to develop adaptability

Our generation has had a tough time when it comes to building a career: from the economic downturn to the pandemic to war and now the cost of living crisis, we've had to endure a lot of changes in recent years. And whether you're chasing a promotion or looking for your next job, you'll want to know what skills will help you get there. The most in-demand experience this year is not technical skills. A new report from LinkedIn shows that the top skill of the moment is adaptability. How to develop adaptability? Why is it so useful?

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Why agility is so important in today's work world

With the advent of generative AI changing the way we work, we are entering another era of evolution across industries. With great change comes the need to embrace it.

“Adaptability is the antidote to the endless change in the modern workplace,” says Michelle Hartley, HR expert and founder of an HR consultancy. “If we can be confident in our ability to cope with change, we worry less about the change itself because we know we can handle anything that comes our way.”

Especially in today's world of work, extremely It is important to develop adaptability skills to build resilience in the face of uncertainty and prepare for difficult changes when they inevitably occur.

Miriam Khan heads up communications at IT company Thales after a grueling layoff from Meta during their mass layoffs last year.

Khan credits her ability to be adaptable with helping her cope with downsizing and ultimately find her next permanent position work. Having accepted that there was nothing personal about her job being cut, Khan sees the loss of her job as a crash course in adaptability.

“For me, adaptability has been a learned skill, and I believe it is a muscle that you need to regularly flex to build resilience in your personality,” she said.

How to develop responsiveness: 5 tips

How to succeed at work, Source:

As a Millennial or Gen Z, your life experiences have probably already given you some tattered but strong armor. But at work, the need for adaptability can manifest itself differently. Whether you've faced or survived a layoff, risen from a demotion, or navigated a problematic company acquisition, adaptability is critical to dusting yourself off and continuing to strive for your next goal.

To develop and improve your adaptability as a professional skill, Hartley advises doing the following:

Be curious

By asking the right questions to the right people, you can exponentially increase your knowledge about a problem or potential solution—and even asking the right ones Asking questions to the wrong people can give you unexpected ideas.

Don't be afraid of failure

It's hard to accept that you are imperfect, but learn to accept failure to develop adaptability. Think about what went wrong so you can come up with new ideas to solve the problem next time.

Look for the positives

Flexible thinking means adapting your thought processes, which leads to more positive results. Instead of feeling resentful and sad because something went wrong, turn your thinking around and try to see it as an opportunity.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If your budget is shrinking or your workforce is smaller, use creative problem-solving or use your connections to achieve the same result using other tools and resources.

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Confident humility is faith in our ability to cope with what life throws at us. Birds are not bothered by the strength of the branches they land on; they believe in the abilities of their wings. If you can increase confidence in your ability to handle what comes your way, you'll worry less about the branches of the world and can instead tend to your wings.

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