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The musical heritage of Vitaly Bilonozhko: 7 best melodies that will forever be in our hearts

The velvety baritone of the Ukrainian stage, the legendary artist Vitaly Bilonozhko, whose songs penetrated into the very hearts like prayers, has passed into another world. But his musical legacy will forever remain in our memory: as a testament, as a memory of childhood and a determination to live on.

Content The beginning of the musical journeyThe artist's first songs and regular authorsMusical heritage and awards7 best songs by Vitaliy Bilonozhko”Melody for two hearts””Fairs””Apple Tree Fog””Mom””Half the village is walking””God, give Ukraine freedom””I love you, life” Musical heritage of Vitaly Bilonozhko. Source: Facebook

According to WomanEL, the melody of Vitaly Vasilyevich Bilonozhko’s heart ended on January 9, 2024. And today we will remember together the creative path and songs of the national artist.

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The beginning of a musical journey

Bilonozhko was born on June 11, 1953 in the village of Sloboda, Sumy region. He studied at the Sumy College of Music in the conducting and choral department and at the Kyiv State Conservatory, studying vocals with People's Artist of Ukraine Konstantin Ognevoy.

While serving in the army, Vitaly was a member of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Kyiv Military District. He worked in the Chernigov Philharmonic Society, and was also a soloist of the Kiev Variety Theater in Podol and a soloist of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine.

Thank you for your boundless talent… Source: Facebook

First songs and permanent authors of the artist

The first songs Bilonozhko recorded on the radio were the works of Maxim Dunaevsky “Everything will pass” and “City Flowers”. Subsequently, the talented artist found permanent authors – Alexander Zlotnik and Alexander Osadchy. Among the songs of that period, the most famous were: “Where two meet”, “Sorceress”, “We honor love”, “You are my land”, “Your name”, “God, give Ukraine freedom” and others.

The artist’s repertoire included many patriotic compositions about Ukraine. In particular, the songs “Ukraine Mother”, “God, give Ukraine freedom”, “Let’s sing together, brothers” and others.

Musical legacy and awards

In 1994, the NAC company released 2 compact cassettes under the general title “Fair”, a year later – “Apple Tree Fog”, which collected the latest recordings of Vitaly Bilonozhko. Since then, Vitaly began concert activity together with his wife Svetlana, a former operetta soloist and ex-announcer of Ukrainian television.

In December 1995, Vitaly Bilonozhko was awarded the title of People's Artist of Ukraine, and already in 1999, together with wife, he became the founder of the regular International Festival of Family Creativity “Melody of Two Hearts.”

Vitaly and Svetlana Bilonozhko. Source: Facebook

For high professional skill and significant contribution to the development and popularization of Ukrainian song, the artist was awarded the International Order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (1998) and the “Presidential Nika” (1997), and is a holder of the Order of Yaroslav the Wise V0 8).

In total, Vitaly Bilonozhko released 6 CDs in Ukraine, the USA and Canada. He has published anthologies of his own work and 12 audio cassettes. He conducted many concerts with the pop symphony orchestra under the direction of Anatoly Onufrienko and with the pop symphony orchestra under the direction of Rostislav Babich. The artist also performed 49 concerts in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant area.

7 best songs by Vitaly Bilonozhko

“Melody for two hearts”


“Apple Blossom Fog”


“Half the village is walking”

“I love you, life”

Recall that on January 9, 2024, Ukraine suffered an irreparable loss: on this day Vitaly Belonozhko died at the age of 71…

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