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The Netherlands sends refugees back to Ukraine

In the Netherlands, an initiative arose to return refugees to relatively safe regions of Ukraine, which was shared by deputies from the BBB (Farmers-Civil Movement) party. According to this idea, refugees could be sent to the west of Ukraine. This part of the country, according to politicians, is considered stable and comfortable, writes WomanEL. 

The proposal was put forward by deputies during the debate over the government budget, dedicated to addressing the problems of emigrants. Let us note that there are about 100 thousand Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. BBB MP Mona Keyser expressed concern about the potential influx of emigrants.

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We can't accept everyone. The West of Ukraine seems relatively stable to me. Could Ukrainians be safely stationed there?

Mona Keise said.

Deputies from the BBB in the Netherlands propose to develop initiatives for the return of Ukrainian refugees. Source: radiotrek

Criticism immediately arose from parliamentarians from “GroenLinks/PvdA”, who recalled the occurrence of rocket attacks in western Ukraine. Let us note that such actions may undermine the sustainability of the chosen direction of evacuation of refugees.

Mona Keyser also inquired about the possible reaction of the government if Kiev requests the sending to Ukraine of citizens who may be drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The deputy pointed to the possibility that hundreds of thousands of people who “should” do military service could end up in the Netherlands.

In particular, she proposed that Ukrainian citizens who find work in the Netherlands pay rent and medical service. It should be noted that in the country, citizens of Ukraine have the right to work without restrictions, and more than half of them are already employed, according to the national statistical agency CBS.

By the way, the UN recently told how many refugees they want back to Ukraine.

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