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The new actress of the Evening Quarter was added to the Peacemaker's database

The actress of “Kvartal 95” Irina Gatun became the object of attention and discussion after a scandalous speech in “Evening Quarter” about a migrant from Skadovsk. In addition, the artist was included in the “Peacemaker” database, reports WomanEL.

The skit raised the sensitive topic of displaced people and caused negative reactions among viewers. People were angered by the ironic play on words, in particular the phrase “Skadovskaya”, which Gatun used, trying to convey the linguistic accent.

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The incident had its consequences; the actress’s name appeared on the “Peacemaker” website, which provides information about persons who may pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine. After all, in the Gatun social networks there are publications from Crimea dated 2015, 2018 and 2019, but the Russians occupied the peninsula in 2014. This is considered a violation of Ukrainian legislation.

Also in 2015, Irina Gatun published a photo in which she poses in a Soviet military uniform.

Participation in acts of humanitarian aggression against Ukraine. Participation in attempts to legalize the occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by Russia (aggressor and terrorist country). Public abuse of Ukrainian citizens located in the territories occupied by Russian fascist invaders

marked the reasons why Gatun appeared on the “Peacemaker” website.

Recall that Irina Gatun recently replaced Elena Kravets in “Evening” quarter”, what is the further fate of the actress in the program and in general — We will follow and share with you.

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