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The Ride: watch the official clips from the VIXEN bassist

Bassist of the world famous American glam metal band “VIXEN” Julia Lage released her own video for the song “The Ride”, says WomanEL.

Julia Lage and Richie Kotzen. Source: Instagram

According to Radio Roks, Julia invited her husband, virtuoso guitarist Richie Kotzen, as well as musician and vocalist Doug Pinnick, to the video. Lage did not write this song quickly. And every time I returned to work, I heard Doug Pinnick’s voice in my head.

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One day I finally asked him if he would be so kind as to add a little bit of your magic. When he said “yes,” I felt the happiest in the world,

the star shared.

Julia really hopes that people who feel “stuck” in something unmotivated can find inspiration to go further and change your reality. After all, according to the musician, your journey can be wild, lonely, or boring – but it is only yours…

We previously wrote that a biopic will be made about the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman.

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