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The star of the Women's Quarter gave birth for the first time and declassified the sex of the baby

Today, the talented actress and beloved participant of the “Women’s Quarter” Alina Blazhkevich had a bright and joyful event. She became a mother for the first time, she had a son, who was named Andrei, writes WomanEL.

In her photo blog, the star joyfully shared this wonderful news with her fans. The baby's name became known along with the first photographs that Alina so kindly presented to the public. Although the child’s face remains a secret for now, the actress shared her emotions and wishes for her son with great warmth.

Roma (the actress’s husband) and I became officially adults and very happy. Until I show it to you, because I know you, you would like to jinx someone. But I don't need it. I'll tell you all the details later! The main thing is that this is the greatest joy I have ever experienced in my life. I wish Andryusha to live in a happy and peaceful country. Therefore, we want to help close the collection. If you want to congratulate Andreychik on coming into this world, then drop your congratulations in a jar, Alina shared.

Alina Blazkevich enriched her life with the birth of her first child. Source: instagram.com/alinablazhkevych

She also decided to welcome the baby in an original way, inviting fans to join the charitable contribution for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and donate.

Network reaction:

  • Only our women organize a gathering in honor of the birth of their son!
  • Congratulations to you;
  • Happiness to your family.

The spouses express their sincere gratitude for the support and congratulations on this important time for them. This news touched many, and subscribers cannot wait for further information about the happy mother and her little son.

By the way, recently Vasilisa Frolova finally showed her husband and 3-year-old son.

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