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The UN told how many refugees want to return to Ukraine

According to shocking data released by the United Nations (UN), a large number of refugees from Ukraine express a desire to return home. According to recent surveys conducted by the UN, 60-80% of Ukrainian refugees expressed their intention to return to their homeland, writes WomanEL.

Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, cited this fascinating statistic in an interview. According to him, the UN regularly conducts extensive surveys among emigrants. Every six months this issue is studied to obtain up-to-date information.

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The percentage of refugees who tell us that they want to return to Ukraine is still very high – 60-80%. How do we support them? Since there is a war, many say that they cannot return, but we must think about how to help people do this. We don't want to force anyone. And even upon their return, things will not be so rosy for the refugees. The government needs a good strategy in this matter,

Grandi emphasized.

Expressing his concern, he added that about 6 million refugees are now in Europe, and their return home needs a careful and well-thought-out approach from the Ukrainian government.

By the way, the Ministry of Health recently announced that Ukraine is preparing for a new pandemic.

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