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The young girl of 84-year-old Al Pacino showed their son for the first time

The story of Noor Alfallah, Al Pacino's 30-year-old girlfriend, is in the spotlight and is the subject of gossip, reports WomanEL. Nour recently showed off their son Roman, born last summer, for the first time in an exclusive interview with Vogue Arabic. She noted that a child from Al Pacino is the greatest gift for her.

Nur Alfalla is not only beloved of the legendary Hollywood actor, but also a personality with impressive achievements. She is now a producer and has a master's degree in film production. At the Sundance Film Festival, she premiered her first film, A Little Death, which explores the opioid crisis in America and its consequences. However, for Nur, the child is in first place now.

Even with the birth of Roman, Alfalla does not plan to stop her career, because she is just starting her journey in the film industry, so she works a lot.

In addition, Nour told how she managed to get close to Al Pacino. It turns out that the couple first met at a social event several years ago and talked all evening.

I thought: “Wow, this is Al Pacino!” However, I never imagined that he would become the father of my son.

The lovers lived next door, when the pandemic began, then in quarantine they began to spend every day together, playing chess and watching movies. And so their romance began. Now the couple does not live together, but see each other often.

Nur also noted that she feels comfortable with Al Pacino and is not embarrassed by the big age difference.

By the way, the media writes that Nur Alfalla is a “hunter of starry old men.”

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