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They believed in infertility: how Evgeny Kot found out about his beloved’s pregnancy

Ukrainian choreographer and participant in “Dancing with the Stars” Evgeniy Kot amazes his fans not only with his talented dances, but also with his personal story. The artist recently revealed a secret that became a real miracle in the life of his family, writes WomanEL.

The couple overcame difficult trials for four years trying to get pregnant. Everything was to no avail, and they were given an unflattering diagnosis – infertility. But Evgeniy and Natalya decided not to give up, believing that when the right moment comes, everything will succeed.

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We were diagnosed with infertility. However, we believed that our plans would come true. We have wanted this for a long time. They tried, then they didn’t, they tried again, they tried all possible options, they didn’t despair. Natalya informed me about this by phone, via video link. To be honest, she herself was shocked when she learned about the pregnancy. And I, well, to hide it, I screamed with joy. We have wanted this for a long time,

the celebrity remembered.

Evgeny Kot and his wife conquered infertility, expecting the best. Source: instagram.com/kot_jenya

Joy and great surprise appeared when Natalya informed Evgeny about the long-awaited pregnancy by phone and video call. Natalya herself was shocked by this news, and Evgeny could not hold back his joyful cries. The choreographer also expressed support for all couples who went through difficulties in the process of creating a child, urging them not to lose faith.

Now Evgeniy Kot and Natalya Tatarintseva are enjoying the anticipation of the birth of a little life and are preparing for the role of parents, experiencing this unique moment.< /p>

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