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Tina Kunaki appeared in a sexy look from a Ukrainian brand

The Ukrainian brand “TTSWTRS” again surprised the world with its creativity. This time his work amazed not only the fashion elite, but also the world stage. Star model and ex-wife of actor Vincent Cassel Tina Kunaki went on vacation to Brazil, but did not forget her style, writes WomanEL.

Dressed in a captivating dress from the winter-autumn collection “TTSWTRS”, Tina Kunaki attracted attention with her photographs on the Internet. In the pictures, the model poses in a dress that imitates the effect of wet clothes, giving the impression that she has just come out of the water.

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This exclusive dress has already won the hearts of fashion fans and has become popular among celebrities, even outside of Ukraine . Fabric that imitates a wet effect gives the image an extraordinary mystery and sexuality.

Tina Kunaki reveals a new level of style by choosing a dress from the Ukrainian brand TTSWTRS with a fascinating wet clothes effect. Source:

The TTSWTRS brand itself participated in the model's publication, sharing photos on social networks and expressing gratitude to Tina Kunakey for choosing their creation for a special holiday.

This unique dress is available on on the official website of the brand for $550 and is already attracting the attention of fashionistas looking to add uniqueness and elegance to their wardrobe. “TTSWTRS” is actively working to continue to surprise the world with its clothes, and Tina Kunaki continues to shine in all her travels.

By the way, dresses from the Ukrainian brand recently appeared on the cover of the glossy magazine Bazaar.

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