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Treasury of Vladimir Ivasyuk: TOP 5 most famous songs of a musical genius

It was the Ukrainians who inherited the complete treasury of the brilliant musical works of Vladimir Ivasyuk. The author of the immortal “Chervona Ruta” was born on March 4, 1949, and his songs still remain loved all over the world.

Content“Zalishenі kvіti”“I will go to distant mountains”“Vodograi”“Chervona Ruta”“Ballad about mallow”

Creative life Vladimir Ivasyuk was full of many bright events. At one time, he became one of the founders of Ukrainian pop music.

Ukrainians inherited a treasury of musical works by Vladimir Ivasyuk. Source: Instagram

Ivasyuk wrote 107 songs and 53 instrumental works, which are heard at concerts and radio stations to this day. On the birthday of the legendary composer, WomanEL recalls 5 of his most famous and beloved songs.

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This is the first of two songs to which Vladimir Ivasyuk I only wrote the words. The music for it was created back in 1967 by composer Valery Gromtsev.

The song became very popular performed by Sofia Rotaru. She gave it the name “Zalishenі kviti”, adapting a male song to be sung by a female voice.

“I will go to distant mountains”

Vladimir Ivasyuk wrote this song in 1968. At different times, the song was performed by Vasily Zinkevich, Kvitka Tsisyk, “Lament of Jeremiah”, Maria Yaremchuk and others.


This immortal composition was written in 1970. Performed by Nazariy Yaremchuk and Miroslava Ezhelenko, “Vodograi” became the best song at the Song-72 competition.

“Chervona Ruta”

The legendary composition, released on January 1, 1971, became one of the most popular Ukrainian songs in the world. It was sung by Vladimir Ivasyuk himself in a duet with Elena Kuznetsova. Also performing “Red Rue” were Nazariy Yaremchuk, Vasily Zinkevich and Sofia Rotaru.

Foreign performers also willingly performed the song: Toto Cutugno, Vakhtang Kikabidze, the group “No to tso” (Poland), Golem (USA). And “Chervona Ruta” has long become an informal anthem of the Ukrainian football community.

“The Balad about Malvi”

The song is based on the poetry of Bogdan Gura. “The Ballad of Mallows” was first performed by Sofia Rotaru in 1975.

Among its performers are Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Nina Matvienko and Olya Polyakova. In November 2022, the young singer SHUMEI (Oleg Shumey) gave new life to “The Ballad of Mallows”.

Previously, the NAZVA group covered the works of the legendary Vladimir Ivasyuk.

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