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Ukrainian defenders made an erotic and tender photoset for the 2024 calendar

An exciting presentation of a charity calendar took place in Kyiv, which attracted public attention. The main characters of the calendar are women – military personnel, veterans, doctors and volunteers who unrestrainedly fight for their country. This photo project, called “Stronger than the Elements,” amazes with its symbolism and the depth of its imagery. Each of the participants embodied the power of natural phenomena, writes WomanEL.

The main goal of the calendar is to raise funds for the purchase of drones for the 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after the Black Cossacks. This initiative, started by Anna Murashenko, founder of the YOUkraine charity foundation, aroused great interest and support from the project participants. For them, this is not just a way to raise funds, but an expression of courage and willpower under testing conditions.

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A woman can be beautiful and charm the eye, or she can be destructive and destroy everything in her path. Each one was exposed as much as was comfortable,

explained the founder of the fund.

Calendar Stronger than the elements: female heroes demonstrate their strength. Source:

One of the most candid photos was a shot where the writer and former captive Valeria “Nava” Subbotina starred in the image of Fiery Lava and presented the month of July. Also taking part in the photo session were serviceman Dzvenislava Sira, military doctor Marina Verkhoglyad, Solomiya Vitvitskaya, head of the department for work with victims and members of their families of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Meryem Dzhelil, volunteer Oresta Brit, serviceman Olesya Melnichenko and Ekaterina Pryadchenko, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lyubov Gogol, military correspondent Natalya Nagornaya. Each represented a separate month of the year.

Thus, the “Stronger than the Elements” calendar became not only a means of attracting financial support for the military, but also an important symbol of the courage and perseverance of Ukrainian women in military operations. You can order the calendar on the official blog of the foundation.

By the way, we recently talked about the release of a film about the dreams of teenagers and their lives during the war.

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