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Ukrainian film won at an elite film festival in the USA

At the 40th anniversary Sundance Film Festival in the United States, the Ukrainian documentary film “The Porcelain War” received the Grand Prix in the “Documentary Film” category. This important victory is celebrated as a huge success for Ukrainian cinematography and recognition of the high artistic level of the film, writes WomanEL. 

The directors of this film were former special forces soldier Slava Leontyev and Brendan Bellomo. “The Porcelain War” tells the story of artists Slava, Anya and Andrey, who, faced with the reality of war, decide to stay close and fight alongside the soldiers. The film demonstrates great fortitude and devotion to ideals, while simultaneously carrying messages about opposing totalitarian aggression and preserving humanism.

Yaktak, who wants to go to Eurovision, spoke about the difficulties in of her life Zelenskaya amazes with a stylish look: in a blue blouse and hoop earrings Ukrainian film Porcelain War received the Grand Prix at Sundance — an amazing testament to the strength of the spirit. Source: still from the film

The festival organizing committee highly praised the film, defining it as the highest desire for good in conditions of total aggression. The film amazes with its ability to find beauty among destruction and leave a passion for life even in the most difficult moments.

“Porcelain War” became the seventh Ukrainian film presented at the Sundance Film Festival since Ukraine’s first participation in this prestigious event in 2020. Success at Sundance indicates the constant growth of the influence and level of Ukrainian cinema on the world stage.

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