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Unfinished Flight: where and when to watch a film about the death of Denis Monastyrsky

On January 18 last year, a terrible tragedy occurred in Brovary, not far from the kindergarten building. A plane crash then ended the life of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky. On the anniversary of this terrible event, the premiere of the documentary film “Unfinished Flight” took place, says WomanEL.

“Unfinished Flight”&#8230 ; Source: Goskino

A year ago, the State Emergency Service helicopter EC-225 Super Puma (tail number 54), in which there were 10 people, crashed. Among them are the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the minister personally. The State Bureau of Investigation reported on August 3, 2023 that the cause of the disaster was a violation of traffic safety rules and the operation of air transport.

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The victims of the plane crash were honored with a documentary film. Relatives, friends, colleagues and brothers shared their memories of Denis Monastyrsky, as well as the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who were with him on board the helicopter.

The author of the idea was Rostislav Smirnov. The director of the film is Nikolai Korotky. Among those who remember and share thoughts about the personality phenomenon of Denis Monastyrsky: Valery Zaluzhny, Kirill Budanov, Ruslan Stefanchuk, Denis Shmigal, Zhanna Monastyrskaya, Alexey Reznikov, Mikhail Fedorov, Igor Klimenko, Anton Gerashchenko, Victor Andrusov. And also Denis Monastyrsky’s mother, his students, teaching colleagues, the one with whom he saved Ukrainian architectural and historical monuments.

The tape was released on YouTube, and the television premiere will take place on the “2+2” TV channel. and in the “Unified News” telethon on January 18 at 22:00. In Kyiv, in the cinema «Oscar» a pre-premiere screening of the film took place.

The official trailer for the film “Me, Victory and Berlin” was released earlier.

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