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Unity for freedom: Mila Eremeeva on the importance of sticking together and supporting each other

The merciless war continues. A large number of Ukrainian military personnel and civilians are being held captive in inhumane living conditions. In large cities of Ukraine, weekly actions are held in their support. WomanEL asked presenter Mila Eremeeva about her experience of attending such rallies and their importance in modern realities.

You often attend rallies in support of Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians. How much do you think this affects the results of exchanges in modern realities?

— I try to attend such events as often as possible. This is primarily important so that people do not forget that the war continues and the pain for our guys who are still in Russian captivity does not subside. I would really like these promotions to have a noticeable impact on the results of exchanges. And I also think that it gives an impetus to people's consciousness. So that we all do not forget, thanks to whom we have the opportunity to live, work and help. This is all thanks to our defenders who are still there, again, as I emphasize a lot, as well as civilians who are also still in Russian captivity.

Mila at a rally in support of Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians. Source: WomanEL.

How do you assess the public reaction to actions to support prisoners?

— This was my first time at such an event and it still gives me goosebumps. I was amazed at how united and conscious our people are. At these rallies you can meet people without limbs and with limited mobility, and people who join the rallies with pets, and children, including those whose parents are in captivity. I am proud of the public’s reaction, because there are people who, not knowing about the date and location of the event, also join in, even by chance seeing it. Also people who support the participants with car horns. This is all continuous interaction and synergy between people. And even if you cannot attend the actions physically, but support them on social networks by publishing photos, videos and other available materials, this is also very important and I thank you for your concern.

What emotions do you experience while participating in actions in support of prisoners of war and civilians?

— I meet a lot of my acquaintances, and also get acquainted with many military personnel with whom until now I was able to communicate only through social networks. I publish the meeting, then they come up to me and say: “I wrote to you, you supported us, thank you,” and this is very pleasant. It was at such an action that I became better acquainted with the Ukrainian defender who defended Mariupol and spent more than 10 months in captivity, Ilya with the call sign «Smurf». And with whom we recently launched a large collection and whose voice I became, to meet the needs of the SBU unit of the Central Security Service «A» in the amount of one million hryvnia.

«Smurf» says:

When I returned from captivity, I was very pleased to see that they were waiting for us, shouting and fighting for us. Therefore, after the restoration, I immediately joined the support of prisoners of war, because I understand how pleased the guys will be to see that they were waited
and fought for them.

All of these people are extremely strong and brave, and I am proud of their struggle, who, despite everything, continue to fight for the liberation of their brothers from enemy captivity. Therefore, you should definitely come to such events. They take place every Sunday in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. You can always find up-to-date information on our social pages. networks of the Association of Families of Defenders of Azovstal. I will be glad to meet each of you!

Mila Eremeeva. Source: WomanEL.

What options do you see for attracting more attention to the problems of prisoners in

— I see only one option. Scream, scream and scream some more. We need to constantly remind those around us that we cannot be silent and just sit and watch everything that is happening around us. Our task and main goal — it is to unite and fight for those who fought for Ukraine, for our land, for our cities, for each of us.

The full-scale invasion has been going on for more than 700 days. How do you assess whether Ukrainian society has changed during this time and how?

— You know, I noticed a peculiarity: Ukrainian society is constantly on some kind of emotional swing. And although our mental health has already been partially lost, we are still holding on. If you go to social networks, we have constant discussions and accusations of each other, and when you go out, for example, to rallies in support of prisoners of war, you understand that our society continues to be consolidated despite everything. This is how we live. But if you describe in one word how Ukrainian society has changed, then it changes daily. But still we must not forget that we have one goal — be unchanged in your position and in your struggle.

In in your opinion, what can each of us do right now to help our
country survive these difficult times?

— I’ll be cliché, but support each other. It is very important. Just hug, call, don’t put off important things for later, don’t procrastinate, and by default, donate, help with everything you can. Someone creates UAVs, someone weaves nets or prepares food for the military, and someone can help the army with some money every day. And believe me, even a small amount can affect the situation, every hryvnia — important. We are all like one huge machine in which everyone works in their own place. And do not hesitate to seek help from specialists if necessary, such as psychologists or psychotherapists, who will help solve problems that we are not able to overcome on our own.

What are your plans for the future? How do you plan to use your publicity

— If earlier we were afraid to plan for the coming weeks, not to mention months
ahead, then thanks to our military and their non-stop struggle, now we are planning, we know that everything will be fine, and we know that tomorrow will definitely happen. Yes, it may be with frequent worries, with various news, but this is precisely our strength, that despite everything — we stand and realize how much depends on us. If we don’t plan, then who will do it? Who, if not us?

How will I use my publicity in the future? I will continue to do whatever
I can. If I have the opportunity to close the collection, I do it, if I have the opportunity to help humanitarian mothers and children, then I will do this in the future. I'm lucky that people have trust in me and in this way I can be useful. I believe that together we will overcome all obstacles and all enemies.

Listen to the motivational song from BULVAR LU: the anthem of the indestructibility of Ukrainian prisoners.

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