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Unpleasant incident: Madonna poured beer on the audience

Madonna's concerts are among the largest shows of our time, largely due to her greatness and energy. However, in recent months, the Queen of Pop has been involved in controversial moments that have left her fans confused.

After falling on stage and getting into an argument with a fan in a wheelchair, the star is back in the headlines because of another nasty incident. incident with beer, reports WomanEL citing Marca's source.

During one of her shows in Denver, Madonna literally shocked the audience in the front rows by dousing them with beer.

The artist started without warning throwing liquid at the audience, leaving them completely wet, and to top it off, throwing a bottle at them. What would happen if a bottle hit someone in the head?

Madonna pours beer on the audience during a concert. Source: Marca

This strange behavior of the cult singer caused criticism and doubts about her adequacy.

Previously upset fans even filed a lawsuit against Madonna — read about the reasons here.

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