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Valentine's Day: a tender gift from the front for Natalia Denisenko from her husband

Ukrainian actress Natalya Denisenko touched fans by showing how her military husband Andrei Fedinchik congratulated her on Valentine’s Day, writes WomanEL.

The star of the series “The Serf” published a short video on her Instagram account, which shows how the beloved from the front managed to surprise his chosen one. In the video, Natalya Denisenko showed a huge bouquet of roses and a Valentine card with the romantic words: “To my beloved wife!”

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It seems that the surprise from the man arrived to Natalka in the morning, since the video was filmed right in the bedroom, when she was not yet ready to shoot, without makeup and only after sleep. The actress happily posed with white flowers in front of the mirror.

Natalka Denisenko’s husband at the front presented an extraordinary surprise on Valentine’s Day. Source: instagram.com/natalka_denisenko

Thank you, my beloved! How I miss you!

she signed the video, expressing gratitude to her husband for his attention.

Recall that the lovers got married in 2017. Now they are raising their son together, but Andrei Fedinchik joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. That is why the couple rarely see each other, and the star often talks about how she misses her loved one. Recently, Natalya Denisenko shared some details of her personal life, which aroused particular interest among fans. For example, she admitted that she started a relationship with her husband while he was married.

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