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What is an ice bath in cooking: 3 cool life hacks for your vegetables

Ice baths can be seen as an unnecessary thing, many have not even heard of it. But professional chefs know how useful they can be in the kitchen. What is an ice bath? Why is it needed?

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WomanEL loves various tips from the Internet, so she is in a hurry to share with you the most ingenious in their simplicity of which:

What is an Ice Bath: Keep Vegetables Vibrant Color

An ice bath is a mixture of water and ice. It is used to quickly stop the cooking process, especially when blanching or boiling ingredients.

Water has the ability to absorb large amounts of heat, making it an extremely useful ingredient in the kitchen.

When blanching vegetables, for example, you can keep a bowl of ice water nearby. While vegetables remain submerged in boiling water, their cell walls soften, making them tender and much easier to eat.

Using an ice bath will also benefit you. To keep vegetables like green beans, broccoli, asparagus or leafy greens truly green, plunge them into an ice water bath immediately after removing them from the boiling water. This will keep them bright green.

Make onions less bitter with an ice bath

How to remove the bitterness from onions, Source: freepik .com

Onions have cells that contain sulfur compounds called S-alk(en)yl-L-cysteine ​​sulfoxides (ASCO) and an enzyme called alliinase. These compounds are separated from each other by intracellular compartments, but once the onion is cut, the compartments disintegrate, causing ASCO and alliinase to instantly mix. This will set off a series of chemical reactions that produce the characteristic pungent, astringent and bitter taste.

You can reduce the intensity of these aromas by soaking chopped onions in an ice water bath. A chilled water bath will dilute and wash away the harsh taste molecules, and the alliinase enzyme will not be able to do its job. You must quickly transfer the chopped onions to an ice bath to stop the enzyme.

What is an Ice Bath: It's a Clever Way to Get Green Onion Curls

Have You Ever Noticed Those those pretty little curls of green onions that garnish fried rice or sushi in restaurants? You can create it at home using an ice bath.

To do this, take a handful of green onions and cut them into 2.5-5 cm long segments. After this, cut each segment lengthwise into thin slices and place them in a bowl with ice water. The curling will begin in five minutes.

You will be surprised, but it turns out that not everyone can eat garlic. If you have a certain disease, avoid it.

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